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Miami Guardianship Lawyers

Are you concerned about an incapacitated family member? Are you worried about the type of care a child is receiving? Many types of guardianships exist to ensure the people you care about are taken care of.

When an individual does not have appropriate estate planning documents in place prior to becoming incapacitated, or in certain situations pertaining to minors, it may become necessary to establish a court-supervised guardianship. In such cases, the court will designate a guardian who will have the power to make binding legal decisions on behalf of the incapacitated individual or minor.

Due to our focus on this area, families throughout South Florida seeking to protect an incapacitated loved one or a minor look to the Miami guardianship attorneys at the Law Offices of Frye & Vazquez, P.L., in Miami, to advise them on guardianships and guide them through the entire court-supervised process. Please contact us to arrange your consultation.

When Is a Guardianship Appropriate?

Guardianship may be appropriate when:

  • A person can no longer make or communicate safe or sound decisions about his or her person and/or property; he or she may be failing to pay bills, losing money, losing track of accounts, forgetting appointments, mishandling medications, driving unsafely, neglecting hygiene, etc. The individual may also be displaying unusually angry or paranoid behavior.
  • A person has become susceptible to fraud or undue influence.
  • A minor/child receives a financial settlement in excess of $15,000 as a result of a personal injury, property damage or wrongful death claim.

Experienced Guidance Through a Complicated, Sensitive Process

Our comprehensive elder law services include the following:

  • Guidance through the incapacity determination phase: Guidance in the filing of the petition and representation at the incapacity hearing
  • Handling the guardianship legal proceeding
  • Providing ongoing guidance to the appointed guardians whose actions and responsibilities, as outlined in the Florida statutes, will be monitored by the court
  • Establishing temporary emergency guardianship: The normal process of establishing guardianship can take several weeks, unless there is compelling evidence that the person's health and/or well being is in serious, imminent danger. This is a process our attorneys can guide you through, in which the courts will expeditiously point a temporary guardian until the full proceedings are completed.

Types of Florida Guardianships Our Lawyers Can Help You With:

  • Guardianship of a minor
  • Limited guardianship
  • Plenary guardianship
  • Guardian advocate
  • Pre-need guardian
  • Standby guardian
  • Emergency temporary guardianship

Learn More From Our Experienced Fort Lauderdale Conservatorship Attorneys

When you call the Law Offices of Frye & Vazquez, P.L., you will speak directly with a qualified and expert Miami guardianship lawyer, with no commitment required.

Call us at 305-508-5749 to talk to an experienced Aventura conservatorship attorney or simply submit an inquiry via our Web form on our contact page.

We serve clients throughout South Florida, including Miami-Dade County, South Broward and Aventura.

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