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September 2013 Archives

Woman sues uncle, claims he made grandfather cut her from will

For people in Miami-Dade, as well as throughout the country, a will is a way to legally establish how they want their affairs to be handled after their death. Occasionally, however, beneficiaries, or those who are for one reason or another no longer heirs, may question the validity of a loved one’s will, which can result in lengthy and costly litigation.

Appeals court upholds ruling on validity of elderly woman's wills

Depending on when a person creates their estate plan and writes their last will and testament, there may come a time when they have to make a revision. While people in Miami-Dade, and throughout the U.S., are permitted to make modifications to these types of legal documents, it can lead to problems after their death for their intended heirs, and for those who feel they should have been included.

Man's family claims his friend manipulated him into changing will

Readers in Miami-Dade are likely aware of the importance of careful estate planning to avoid problems with estate administration down the road. What readers may not know, however, is that if multiple changes are made to a will, particularly within a brief amount of time, or there are questions regarding a person’s mental state at the time a will is drafted, there can be issues with the probate process.

IRS demands $700 million from Michael Jackson's estate

Readers in Miami may or may not be aware that when a person passes away, there is an estate tax imposed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on any assets that he or she may have left behind. Before the estate administrator disperses any assets to the beneficiaries, they are required by law to obtain an accurate asset and property valuation and pay off any debts the deceased person may have owed, as well as pay the federal estate tax.

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