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Sons sue late father's firm for refusing to turn over assets

Even making those who are involved aware of your intentions does not always guarantee that they will follow through with them after you have passed away. That is way, in Miami-Dade and elsewhere, creating a valid estate plan to convey your wishes is so important for probate avoidance and to ensure your assets are distributed in the way that you had wished-for.

Casey Kasem's daughters file for emergency conservatorship of dad

More and more people are including their wishes for who they would like to care for them, and how they would like to be cared for, in the event they become physically and mentally incapacitated as a part of their estate plan. While many readers in Miami may view this as an unnecessary step because they are leaving their care in the hands of a family member, there are some cases in which that person’s ability to adequately take care of them could come into question.

Complex estate valuations can result in IRS problems after death

Readers in Miami-Dade are likely aware that assessing the value of a person’s assets is a large part of settling their estate after they die. Not only does the valuation process, in many cases, help to determine specific inheritance amounts, it also is the basis for deciding the estate tax liability.

Paternity questions cloud probate process for Johnny Lewis estate

In Miami-Dade, as well as throughout much of the U.S., when a person passes away without leaving a valid will, it can lead to a lengthy probate process. Finalizing the estate of a person that does not have a will can become even more drawn out if there are discrepancies regarding possible beneficiaries and next of kin.

Woman claims mother's guardian is isolating her, depleting estate

In the event a family member is not available, or there is an ongoing dispute between family members regarding a loved one’s care, judges in Miami-Dade may appoint an outside party to serve as a person’s guardian. While in some cases this can ensure an elderly or mentally ill person is receiving proper care, in some unfortunate situations, a court appointed guardian might take advantage of the very person they have a legal responsibility to look out for.

Florida court upholds rights of an alleged incapacitated person to council

Florida court upholds rights of an alleged incapacitated person to council...even in emergency guardianship proceedings.

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