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City requests court appoint a guardian for serial 911 caller

In the event that a person in Miami-Dade, or some other locality, is unable to make their own decisions, the court may appoint a guardian to take legal responsibility for them. While in some cases the person granted guardianship might be a relative or friend, often times the court appointed guardian is someone who has had no previous relationship with the person who they have been charged with caring for.

According to reports, the city of Washington, D.C. has made a bid to have a guardian appointed to one woman by the court. The woman, who reportedly has borderline personality and bipolar disorders, is the city’s most frequent 911 caller. She purportedly has regular spells where she collapses after feeling faint. On some occasions she calls for emergency assistance herself; other times bystanders who witness her collapse call. City officials reportedly claimed in the request for guardianship that the woman’s frequent calls are costly and take the attention of emergency responders away from others who may actually require their assistance.

For her part, it was reported that the woman has contested the city’s claim that her mental illness has diminished her ability to make decisions and to care for herself. It was not reported whether any evidence was presented, however, to prove she is competent to make decisions and take care of herself.

Although the woman in this case does not feel she needs a legal guardian, there are other situations where a person knows they may eventually need someone to look out for their interests and make certain decisions for them. If you find yourself in either of these circumstances, it may be of benefit to consult with an experienced attorney.

Source: The Washington Post, “D.C. woman’s number of 911 calls prompt city to request that she be given a guardian,” Amy Brittain, Nov. 8, 2013



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