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Appointing someone to take care of a child's educational needs

One young Florida teenager had found himself three years ago missing classes and barely receiving passing grades in school. This all changed when the parents of one of his friends became what were called his educational guardians. These two individuals were soon provided the authority to make decisions concerning the young man's education.

The young boy is now a star athlete. More importantly, his grades have dramatically improved and he received an ACT score that qualifies him for a college scholarship. 

After first struggling through school, he went to live with his grandmother. However, his problems continued and his grandmother apparently could no longer take care of him. It was at this point that the parents of his friend stepped up in order to assist. At this other home routine and discipline were instilled into the young man's life.

The boy needed tutors and other educational assistance. His mother was taken care of three children and she didn't have the resources to help him out. His mother remains the boy's legal guardian, but the friends who stepped up to help to become educational guardians. The process is common, but it generally involves grandparents rather than other individuals outside of the family.

Guardianships can play many different purposes and are often set up for estate planning purposes so that children can be cared for after we die. Often guardianships are set up to help a family member who is incapacitated. However, there are circumstances like this one where the child has some special need that his or her parents are unable to provide.

Please do speak to an experienced attorney about your own unique circumstances in the event a guardianship is required.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, "Mom's sacrifice helps give top sprinter 2nd family, tools for success," Alicia DelGallo, April 11, 2014

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