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Do’s & Don’ts Of Funeral/Estate Planning

By Austin A Frye, MBA, CFP, JD

Do provide your heirs with as much details as possible. For example;

Don’t write instructions such as “I want my ashes spread at sea.”

Do include more details such as, “I want my ashes spread over the Pacific ocean near the Santa Monica Pier. This way your heirs have better direction on how to carry out your wishes.

Do your planning now—If you want to be buried, then make the burial arrangements in advance. In other words,

Don’t leave it in the hands of your heirs to make arrangements for burial when they are in the process of mourning and/or completely stressed out.

Do discuss your wishes with your heirs while you are in this world to see their reaction and avoid surprises, And finally

Don’t assume your final wishes will be carried out in their entirety.

The post-mortem period is very hectic; so the more planning you do now the greater the probability that your final wishes will be fulfilled.



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