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When to seek a guardianship for your elderly loved one

Designating a guardian for an elderly loved one is an important option for families in Miami. The decision to seek guardianship, however, should only be made after careful consideration of the needs and abilities of the individual in question. At the Law Offices of Frye & Vasquez, P.L., we can help you understand whether your loved one may benefit from the protection that guardianship offers.

The first step in pursuing a guardianship is to learn how to tell if your loved one actually needs it. In general, a person may benefit from the protections that guardianship can offer if he or she can no longer manage his or her own affairs or make decisions alone.

For example, you may have noticed that your loved one has stopped paying bills, forgets appointments or is losing money. Any of these situations and others may be signs that your loved one has become vulnerable to being taken advantage of. Financial fraud and undue influence can affect elderly individuals who don't have the capacity to protect themselves.

If you are concerned about your loved one's ability to care for him or herself, our attorneys can assess your situation and determine whether guardianship is the right option. There are several different types of guardianships, including emergency guardianship, limited guardianship and plenary guardianship. Based on your loved one's unique situation, we can find the right level guardianship.

To learn more about the process of seeking a guardianship in Florida, visit the Guardianships page of our website.

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