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October 2015 Archives

How estate planning can grant you peace of mind about health care - III

In a series of ongoing posts, our blog has been exploring the topic of advance directives, meaning those legally binding documents setting up a health care plan to commence in the event of the creator's incapacity.

What types of trusts exist?

Most people are familiar enough with trusts to know that they can make very effective tools for reducing estate taxes and avoiding the Florida probate process.

Helping older people and their families plan for the uncertain

It goes without saying that one of the best days in the lives of older people is the day they finally retire. Indeed, after decades spent putting in long days and making long commutes, they are finally free to enjoy the fruits of their labor, perhaps taking up a hobby full-time, relocating to a dream spot or just enjoying the absence of an agenda.

Avoiding life insurance pitfalls in estate planning: work with experienced counsel

Life insurance, as some readers may know, can be an excellent tool in estate planning. For instance, life insurance can be used to ensure one’s estate remains solvent by dedicating life insurance proceeds to paying creditors. One can use life insurance proceeds to provide for children from a previous marriage. One can even put a life insurance policy into a trust for children or grandchildren, with various tax benefits.

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