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Where will your assets go if you die without a will?

As we've made clear in innumerable posts, it's of vital importance for people from all walks of life to have an estate plan in place. Indeed, doing so can help ensure that assets are distributed in accordance with exact wishes, tax consequences are minimized, children are properly cared for and wishes concerning end-of-life care are established.

Helping you address the uncomfortable and plan for the unexpected

When it comes to our health and, by extension, our longevity, the simple truth is that most of us believe we will live well into our 80s or even our 90s. This is especially true for those of us who enjoy an active lifestyle -- exercising regularly, eating right, taking vitamins, and even making a point to avoid unsafe or damaging activities.

Should millennials consider smaller scale estate planning?

Ask anyone in their 30s, 40s, or beyond about life in their 20s, and they will likely tell you that while it was certainly carefree and chaotic, it was also relatively stressful given that they were forced to make important decisions about everything from their careers to their education.

Proceed with caution when it comes to estate planning and Medicaid

When it comes to planning for their long-term care, many people envision having to rely on Medicaid benefits. While this certainly makes good sense, it's nevertheless important for those in this situation to understand that the decisions they make concerning estate planning can have an impact on their eligibility for these benefits.

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