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Daughter and father's girlfriend at odds over his will

It is likely well known among most in Miami that the effects of advancing age can often leave people with a diminished mental capacity. It is at this time that they rely heavily in others (such as spouses, family members or caretakers) for their daily needs. While such service is often valued by other family members and friends who may not have the time to offer it themselves, the motives of those who provided it is often questioned if it appears that the recipients treated them favorably in their wills. Accusations of caregivers exercising undue influence over those nearing the end of their lives may be common in such situations.

Such is the claim being made by the daughter of a famed Illinois disc jockey. Those who were close to the man during his life state that it was no secret that the man's daughter and his longtime girlfriend did not have a healthy relationship. Now the daughter is alleging that the woman took advantage of the man (who the daughter claims was suffering from dementia near the end of his life) and influenced him to completely leave her and his grandson out of his will. She have even reached out to her father's former fans for support, asking for contributions to help cover her legal fees.

Some may see a person leaving those that he or she was closest to at the end a significant portion of his or her estate as a kind gesture. At the same time, those who knew him or her may have a unique insight that tells them such an action was out of character. Those wanting to make such a claim may want to enlist the services of an attorney to help them plead their cases.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times "Famed DJ Herb Kent's daughter is contesting her father's will," Mitchell, Mary, June 08, 2017

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