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Grieving mother left to deal with complex affairs of son’s estate

In a perfect world, Miami residents would see to their estate planning early on in life so that their family members and friends are not left scrambling to handle their affairs once they are gone. However, oftentimes people (especially younger adults) do not have the knowledge needed to effectively prepare their estate planning instruments, and little time to dedicate to acquiring it. Thus, it is something that often gets put off until tomorrow. Yet in the event that tomorrow does not come with them, their immediate may left to deal with not only their estate affairs, but also the aftermath of what may have caused their untimely deaths.

An Ohio woman is trying to handle the matter incident to her son’s death while also attempting to find time to mourn his loss after he was killed while fulfilling his duties as a police officer. As executor of his estate, she is currently attempting to work her case through probate court, yet an unexpected snag has delayed its progress. That delay is largely due to state’s workers’ compensation agency having placed a lien on insurance payouts. The lien is a result of the agency’s attempt to recoup the over $8,200 it paid towards her son’s medical bills, which it is says it is entitled to collect after having learned that the woman agreed to a settlement with her son’s auto insurance company as well as that of the driver that struck and killed him.

As this story demonstrates, assuming the role of executor of an estate can be stressful, especially in the wake of the unexpected death of a loved one. Those thrust into this situation may want to consider turning to an attorney for assistance.

Source: “Mother of Cleveland police officer David Fahey embroiled in dispute with Workers’ Comp, insurance company” Ferrise, Adam, July 13, 2017



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