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Late singer’s sons feud over family trust

Ask anyone in Miami that is currently involved in his or her own estate planning, and he or she will likely say that the main motivation for doing so is to avoid the potential for disputes arising between his or her beneficiaries. Yet oftentimes, people that have interest in an estate may easily believe that the actions of others who are also party to it may have a negative impact on said interest. The hope is that when such disputes arise, beneficiaries can sit down with each other (or the trustees or executors involved in their cases) and work things out amicably. Sadly, that does not always happen. 

It certainly does not appear to happening in the dispute currently going on between the children of the late signing icon Frank Zappa. One of his sons (who, with his sister, operate the family’s trust) recently released a public statement highlighting the feud playing out between him and his brother. In his statement, he said the issues that his brother has with the trust were stipulations decided upon by their late parents. He went on to question the validity of the legal action has brother has initiated against the trust and the motives he has in reaching out through an online campaign to help raise money for his legal costs. 

The brother, in turn, responded by saying that his brother was saying things in public yet doing the opposite in private. He also claimed that his brother seized his email account from him. This comes after claims that the family trust has tried to block him from using the family name when performing his own music. 

Cases involving family disputes such as this can be difficult to resolve. Those needing help doing so may find it through an experienced attorney. 

Source: Complete Music Update, “Zappa siblings continue debate over trademark claims,” Andy Malt, Oct. 09, 2017



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