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How can I protect a loved one from being scammed?

While it’s sad to say, many seniors in Florida are vulnerable to a host of frauds and scams. It can be difficult for the elderly to recognize scams on their own, especially when they’re suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. The National Council on Aging offers the following tips on how you can help your loved one resist fraudulent requests.

While it seems unconscionable, scammers sometimes target widows and widowers by looking through obituaries. They’ll claim that the deceased owed a debt, which will now be passed on to the surviving spouse. When it comes to the funeral, family must also be wary of fraudulent claims. For instance, a funeral director may demand that an expensive casket must be purchased even if the deceased is being cremated.

Seniors tend to do a lot shopping over the phone. As a result, they’re susceptible to phone scams where people call and request donations or money for other purposes. A person may be told about a prize and asked to provide a fee for administrative charges. Once the fee has been supplied, the prize never materializes. Seniors may also be told about an accident involving a loved one and asked for money to help.

Homeowners are also contacted about their mortgages in an attempt to abscond with their money. Usually this involves an attempt to reduce the interest on a loan by consolidation or credit counseling. These services will entail a fee and after it’s been paid service will not be rendered. The scammer may even provide official looking documents to bilk the senior into complying.



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