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When should you establish a guardianship?

Floridian residents like you have a lot on your plate if you are involved in the potential establishment of a guardianship. The Law Offices of Frye & Vazquez, P.L., are here to help you through the process by explaining things in a way that is easy to digest.

Guardianships are a situation in which one person must look after another. You hold legal responsibility over them, and often times you are also left handling things like their financial decisions because they simply are not able to.

There are a few situations in which it’s appropriate to establish a guardianship over someone else. This can be divided into a few categories:

  • People in need of additional help with organizing money
  • People who need help keeping their schedules together
  • People with an excessive amount of money

The latter refers to minors who receive a financial settlement from a property damage, personal injury, or wrongful death claim. Being young, they are unable to manage such a large sum and must therefore leave it to someone else. 

Guardianship is also appropriate if a minor with a disability hits 18 years of age. They need help keeping their schedules together, as they can’t function as someone their age normally would. People who can’t make sound decisions may need help organizing money. This can include those susceptible to undue influence, or someone who has become unable to manage money due to memory or mental problems.

If you are looking into establishing a guardianship, consider taking a look at our webpage for more information. You can also directly contact us to speak to an attorney to get an idea of what will need to be done in the future.



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