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What do I need to know about having an estate sale?

Estate administration can get complicated after the death of a loved one, especially if the deceased was your last remaining parent. You likely received an inheritance, which could include a monetary sum, as well as your parents’ possessions. In fact, your parents may have had more stuff than you are prepared to deal with or want to have in your own home. You and other Florida residents in the same situation may want to consider holding an estate sale.

However, HowStuffWorks explains that estate sales are usually more complicated than a garage or yard sale. Estate sales involve selling off all the extra stuff you inherited that you don’t want to keep. This can include furniture, vehicles, valuables and antiques, the sale of which you may not want to handle on your own. Therefore, most people involve a professional company for estate sales. An experienced estate sale agent knows how to properly appraise valuable items and get you the most money possible for these things. He or she will also be responsible for handling the sale’s organizing, setup and cleanup, as well as directing customers through the house, handling bids and making sure nothing is stolen.

In the same way that planning your will or creating a trust can be complicated, holding an estate sale may also be a complex matter that requires consulting a professional. When you take the proper steps to holding an estate sale, you may get better results and ensure your loves ones’ possessions go to someone who will appreciate and take care of them. This information is not meant to replace the advice of a lawyer.



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