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Settlements, children and guardianship

Guardianship is extremely helpful in many situations, and it can help ensure that people who are unable to take care of themselves receive the support that they need. From incapacitation due to an unexpected accident to someone with special needs, there are many reasons why people may find themselves in need of a guardianship. When it comes to children, there are many situations in which establishing guardianship for a minor may be necessary. In this post, we will look over some issues related to large financial settlements and guardianship for children in Miami and throughout the state of Florida.

When a minor is involved in a personal injury claim or some other case which could result in a significant settlement, they may have many questions and be unsure of how to approach the situation. Moreover, their parents may also be unsure of what to do next. Some other reasons for major financial settlements involve wrongful death claims and property damage cases. Depending on the details surrounding the case and the amount of money that is in question, it may be necessary to appoint a guardian.

We understand that there are many issues to consider when it comes to guardianship, especially if a significant amount of money as a result of a financial settlement is in question. It is imperative to approach this issue cautiously and be aware of some of the long-term issues that may apply. For more on establishing a guardianship and other relevant issues, head over to our guardianship page.



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