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Why only one will should be signed

An estate owner in Florida needs to sign their will before it becomes official. While a person can sign more than one copy of the same will, there is no need to do so. This is because the document may have personal or sensitive information that others shouldn’t necessarily have access to. It’s also important to note that a will can be amended or changed at any time.

Having multiple copies of an outdated will may result in confusion as to which document is currently in effect. Even though it isn’t necessarily a good idea to sign multiple copies of a will, it’s a good idea to have more than one copy on file. An attorney might be able to scan the document so that it can be stored online, and it may also be possible to send a will to a probate court electronically.

Regardless of who has access to a will, it’s worth spending time talking to others about its general contents. If multiple people have a copy of a will, it could create an unnecessary level of liability for those individuals. Generally speaking, an attorney or other trusted party should only keep a copy of a will or other estate plan document in an emergency or other limited scenarios.

Attorneys and other estate planning professionals can help create wills and other estate plan documents. Wills allow a person to determine how certain assets will be transferred. These documents also allow the creator to name a guardian for a minor child or person with special needs. Someone who already has a will may want to review it with their attorney on a regular basis.



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