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What to know about guardianship of the elderly?

As a Florida resident with an aging relative, you might be looking into the possibility of setting up a guardianship in the future. There are many reasons that this can come in handy, and it can provide plenty of benefits for all parties involved.

FindLaw has a page that examines the basics of guardianships. Most often, they are associated with an adult taking care of a minor. However, any guardianship is simply a legal arrangement in which one party manages the finances for another that cannot make sound decisions.

Unfortunately, as one ages, it becomes harder for them to care for themselves. They may face physical hardships that make it difficult to perform daily tasks like bathing, doing the laundry, or cleaning. People with particularly impactful physical ailments or disabilities may not be able to keep themselves clean, fed, or keep up with important medication routines.

They may also experience memory trouble or loss. This can have a huge impact on a person’s life, affecting their ability to remember medication schedules, or even remembering to eat. Severe cases of memory loss such as those found with dementia or Alzheimer’s can lead to states of catatonia or a total inability for a person to care for themselves.

In these situations, it will be your job as a legal guardian to step in and help out. With a guardianship, you can manage their money on their behalf. This lets you stay on top of their bills, pay for healthcare, and hire additional services if you need help caring for them.



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