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Estate of Miami Beach musician files claim against bandmates

Whether it’s expected or it’s not, even when people have made their peace with someone passing away, a death is very difficult to manage emotionally. Sometimes, the bequests of a deceased person to their loved ones and cherished causes can help ease this pain. But anger can be compounded when inheritors are not getting what they feel they should.

The widow of the frontman for a popular band recently filed suit in a federal court in Miami against the other former members of the group. She claims on behalf of his estate they are withholding royalties from the use of previously unreleased material that they recorded at his South Florida studio before his death.

The suit names the three surviving members of the band, as well as the group’s business manager and his financial services firm. This is not the first legal drama about the provenance of their music, as the deceased singer once successfully fought an attempt by the others to claim his rights to music he created for them.

The target of this lawsuit is royalties from seven songs recorded at Miami Beach, allegedly for the singer’s personal use. His will bequeathed them to his personal estate for the benefit of his widow and their two children.

Legal battles over bequests are unfortunate and can often be avoided with careful estate planning. But when they happen, it is important to consider legal representation to protect your interests in probate court or civil court. No one should have to fight for their rightful property or the memory of their loved ones without help.



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