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What happens if you can’t find your mom’s will?

Many Miami area residents have gone through the process of having a parent die. This is a stressful and emotional time for most people, and it can be a difficult process. Although a person may have taken the time to create a will sometimes a will cannot be found. There are steps an heir should take if a will is lost.

Check the typical storage spots

A person should check the deceased’s filing cabinet, desk, closets, safe, garage, glove compartments and even under mattresses.

Check with the deceased’s bank

If a person has searched the most obvious places for the will it may help to think more creatively. A person may want to contact the banks the deceased used to see if they had a safe deposit box there. An heir may also want to look for a safe deposit box key. It’s typically a large key that says, “do not duplicate”.

Does the deceased have an attorney or financial advisor?

An heir may want to look for a business card or letterhead that has the name of an attorney or financial advisor. They can also look through bank records or checkbooks for an attorney’s name. These people may know where the will is located.

The deceased friends may have answers

Checking with the deceased friends may be a good option. They could potentially be the signature witnesses for the will and may know who the attorney was or where the will was stored.

If all else fails, check with the probate court

The will may have been filed with the probate court so checking with them can be a goo idea.




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