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Coronavirus Update: We are equipped to address your estate, asset protection, and healthcare designation planning with proper precautions in our office or remotely through telephone and video conferencing. Social distancing does not have to stop you from attending to your planning needs. Learn more about our services during COVID-19 here or call us at 305-424-2529 for further details.

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What Clients Say About Our Services

Best of the Best

Craig and Carla, estate planning clients

When it came time for my wife and I to restructure our estate planning, we needed to make the right decision and select a law office that we knew was highly qualified to meet our needs. I have been practicing law for 45 years and know many attorneys.

It actually turned out to be a simple choice. My lifetime accountant referred me to Austin Frye of the Law Offices of Frye & Vasquez, P. L. Austin has a reputation in the professional community of being highly qualified and treating all of his clients like family. The quality of service was excellent and all of our questions were answered to our satisfaction. We were treated like family. Further after the estate planning documents were executed by my wife and I, Austin remains ready and willing to answer any other questions that we needed answered. Some questions required long and somewhat complicated answers, but Austin was always available to simplify the subject matter for us.

I highly recommend Austin Frye of the Law Offices of Frye & Vasquez, P. L. to those who seek expert representation in the estate planning field.

A Complete Solution For My Business And Personal Legal Needs

Robert, a corporate, estate planning, and probate client

I have known and worked with Austin Frye and his team since 2008. In that time he has helped serve both my business and personal legal planning needs. From guidance on reviewing and keeping shareholder and state documentation up to date, to incorporating new businesses and establishing entities, Austin has kept our corporate legal needs on track. For my wife and me, regarding our estate planning, as well as in the handling of my mother’s probate, Austin gave us excellent guidance and servicing. Austin Frye and his team are courteous, responsive, and logical, and have an impressive level of expertise.

Trustworthy and Experienced Estate Attorney

Mario, an estate planning and probate client

My long-standing relationship with Austin Frye dates back to work he did for my father. When my mother needed estate planning guidance, Austin did a remarkable job for her, as well. Similarly, when my new mother-in-law was in need of estate planning services, the only person I would trust is Austin Frye. He is very likeable and always knows the exact questions to ask, and as my mother-in-law observed, he is not only charming but very smart. The whole process was very smooth, and completed in a short period of time.

Outstanding Attorney

Mark S., a probate and estate planning client

Austin Frye provided legal services to my father while alive and to his estate after his death; when showing the EP docs his firm prepared to other professionals (lawyers, financial advisors, accountants), they all commented that these were the most “tight” documents they had ever seen, as to thoroughness and specificity (included the right details) and as to format.

During the period when my father was very ill and near death, Austin did a great job of preparing and getting me familiarized with what to expect and the steps to be taken.

Over the course of the probate administration, Austin and his team were extremely helpful and patient (even with “silly” questions!); And our total fees were definitely lower than we expected! I attribute this to Austin and his team’s ability to walk me though completing some of the needed steps on my own, as I desired, and thus keeping our overall billing lower.

Austin and his staff were highly knowledgeable and experienced in navigating us through all the IRS court requirements.

In addition, my mom met with Austin a couple of times for follow up planning, and she was extremely satisfied.

A Diligent, Trusted Advocate Through The Probate Process

Zara L., a probate client

It is difficult enough to cope with the emotional challenges of closing a parent’s estate, and when you are also faced with the issue of your parents having insufficient documentation, and being remote from your siblings (all of whom are in different states with different processes), it is essential to have a trusted advisor and advocate like the team at the Law Offices of Frye & Vazquez, P.L. Thank you for the diligence, discipline and doggedness needed to help us surf through the estate closure seas.

Honest, Caring Attorney

Leslie, a probate, estate planning and asset protection client

I’ve been a client of Austin Frye’s for over 10 years. In that time, he’s handled my estate/trust planning and asset protection as well as complicated business deals.

After losing my husband suddenly in 2011, Mr. Frye was there to guide me through the probate process as well as through all the complex business matters that were left hanging in the balance. He fought for me and made sure that I had a voice in securing my financial future.

I don’t do anything without consulting with him first. He always takes my calls and even calls me to just check in to see how I’m doing. I’ve continued to use his services for other legal matters because I feel secure with his advice and know that my best interests are always first and foremost in his mind.

I highly recommend his services for anyone looking for an honest, caring attorney.

A Knowledgeable And Patient Attorney

Dr. Howard, a trusts client

Mr. Frye recently set up a complicated special needs trust for my son and, as usual, did a great job explaining it and in putting our minds at ease about our son’s future well-being.

I highly recommend Austin Frye for any and all trust and estate planning needs. My family and I are extremely happy with the job he did with our estate and asset protection plan and in establishing our trusts. In addition to his expertise, he has the unusual ability to explain complicated estate planning issues in a way that makes me feel confident about my family’s future security.

I’ve been a client of Austin’s for over 10 years and look forward to our continued relationship.

My Most Trusted Attorney

Dr. Albert, an asset protection and estate planning client

I was recommended to Mr. Frye about 12 years ago by my personal accountant who was also his client. Since then he has been there through the death of my father and my only brother. He learned of the news and called me from his vacation to answer any questions and give me a telephone number where I could reach him at the vacation site.

He has helped me through the tragedies and guided me wisely. Our affairs, assets and estate are well-organized and protected because of his advice over these many years. During that time, he has helped me with estate/trust planning, asset protection, business entity structuring, employment contracts and probate administration with a fair and reasonable cost. I hope to have him as a consultant and trusted friend through the time I plan to retire, and even afterwards.

Outstanding Professionals Who Seem To Love What They Do

From Michael & Karen R., estate planning clients

We are so truly grateful to the Law Offices of Frye & Vazquez for all they have done for our family over this past 2 years. The following highlights outline the reasons we have recommended Austin Frye’s firm to our family and friends:

  1. Sincerity and true concern for the people who request your expertise and advice.
  2. Great listening skills to find out what your clients want and what they need.
  3. Patience and helpfulness when dealing with clients who have little knowledge about estate planning.
  4. A business with a “culture” of caring and helping people.
  5. Follow up and communications that are easy to understand and helpful.

Thank you for all you and the staff at the Law Offices of Frye & Vazquez have done for our family over this past 2 years.

Knowledgeable, Caring, Guardianship Attorney

Michael, a guardianship client

Minerva Vazquez Bailey has been our attorney and counselor for a number of years in all matters relating to children with special needs. She has provided invaluable insight and guidance with regard to a host of legal matters, including but not limited to guardianship, special needs trusts and program compliance. She is knowledgeable, effective and caring. I highly recommend her.

Excellent Attorney

Susan, a guardianship client

Our family has worked with Minerva for the past several years in securing a special needs trust and guardianship for our son who has autism. She is extremely knowledgeable in these areas, and I trusted her implicitly with these complicated processes. I highly recommend Minerva.

Professional and Easy to Work With

Robert, an Estate Planning, Probate and Guardianship Client

I’ve consulted Counselor Vazquez Bailey on three different matters having to do with Estate Planning, Trust Formation and Guardianship. She is extremely thorough and conscientious. I found her to be very personable and easy to talk to and I appreciated her responsiveness when reaching out to her on various issues.

Thoughtful And Knowledgeable Attorney

From Robin P., an estate planning and probate client

I write to commend the Law Firm of Frye & Vazquez of Miami Florida. The firm prepared a will and living trust and other related documents for my Mother. I found their service to be very professional, thoughtful and their charges reasonable.

On my Mother’s passing the law firm handled the legal aspects of her trust and estate. Again, I found the firm and in particular Mr. Frye and his assistant Sarah Gross, with whom I worked directly, to be knowledgeable and responsive to my needs as I navigated through the various aspects of the administration of my Mother’s estate.

I do strongly recommend the firm for those requiring estate planning and administration.