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September 2015 Archives

Are people too dismissive of the idea of executing a trust?

One of the more common questions to arise in the context of estate planning is whether a person really needs to consider executing a trust. While some of this inherent doubt can, of course, be attributed to the longstanding misconception that trusts are somehow reserved for the very wealthy, some of it can also be attributed to the reality that most assets can be passed on via a simple will and beneficiary designations.

How parents with adult children can keep the peace with their estate plan -- II

Last time, we began discussing how rather than fostering a sense of closeness and unity, the passing of a parent can sometimes serve to sow considerable discord -- and even result in legal disputes -- among siblings once it comes time to address the issue of dividing the estate.

How estate planning can grant you peace of mind about health care - II

Last time, we started discussing how taking the time to plan for your potential incapacity can serve to create greater clarity for your family members and, more importantly, reduce the potential for costly and emotionally draining legal proceedings related to your health care management.

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