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Tips for reducing inheritance conflict

Estate planning can be a tricky process, and in many cases, not everyone is going to be pleased with how you decided to distribute your Florida estate. At the Law Offices of Frye & Vasquez, P.L., we understand the many ways in which estate planning and distributing your assets can lead to conflict among your loved ones, and we have helped many people involved in the estate planning process take strides to minimize associated stresses.

Per the American Association of Individual Investors, there are certain steps you can take during estate planning that minimize conflict and allow your beneficiaries to lose as little money as possible to taxes and the government. For example, you may find it beneficial to create a separate list that details who is to receive what in terms of your personal possessions, which are often the root of familial conflict. Make sure to sign and date this list to ensure validity, regardless of whether you handwrite or type it.

You may, too, be able to minimize conflict among your loved ones after your passing by having a prenuptial agreement in place before you marry, which can prove particularly helpful if there are stepchildren in the mix. Such an agreement can set clear expectations early on, reducing potential surprises and conflict down the line.

You may also find it helpful to establish trusts during estate planning, which can help your loved ones avoid probate and associated expenditures and issues in the future. For example, if you want to distribute your life insurance policy evenly among your children once you pass on, make sure that you list the trust as the beneficiary for those life insurance policies. More about estate planning is available on our web page.



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