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Why it’s not a good idea to write a DIY will

The internet age makes it possible to do a lot of things yourself, from trying your hand at gourmet recipes to learning how to change a tire by watching an online video. However, as we at the Law Offices of Frye & Vazquez, P.L., understand, there are some things you and other Florida residents shouldn’t attempt yourself. This includes estate planning and other legal matters, which require years of skill and knowledge.

But my children get along and they’ll honor my wishes, you rationalize. Just how bad can it be to write a DIY will? As U.S. News & World Report cautions, a few things can go wrong by writing your own will, even if you are careful to word it right and be sure each of your heirs receives a copy. The potentially costly mishaps can include the following:

  • Your heirs might not get along as well as you think, and they could fight over the will after you are gone.
  • You might not understand certain estate planning strategies that could save your heirs from paying significant estate taxes.
  • The executor of your will should be properly designated, or arguments could ensue.
  • Your assets may have difficulty passing through probate without a properly executed will.
  • You could miss something vital, such as naming a guardian for your minor children.

DIY tutorials can be handy and cost-effective, such as learning how to get perfect eyeliner wings or how to remove a stuck key from a lock without having to call a locksmith. However, as our page on estate planning explains, important legal matters should be left to experienced professionals, which can save you and your loved ones money and hassle in the long run.



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