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What are the benefits of avoiding probate?

Florida residents like you may be contemplating how you want to handle your end-of-life matters. You may wish to avoid the complications of probate, and you have options that can allow you to do that. We at the Law Offices of Frye & Vazquez, P.L., are here to help.

Probate can be a long and complex process, and you may want to spare your relatives and loved ones from having to go through it after you pass. To that end, you have the ability to create a trust instead. Living trusts allow you to ensure that your wishes are met, while sparing your loved ones from going through the probate process.

Just a few of the benefits of avoiding probate include:

  • Maintaining family privacy
  • Transferring assets without court interference
  • Minimize the delays associated with probate
  • Minimize probate and probate-adjacent expenses

Probate usually involves a long legal process, which can take a toll financially and emotionally on the ones handling it. Not only do they have months of legal paperwork and court dates to sort through, but they will also potentially have to handle the legal fees that will stack up over this period. With a living trust, all of those aspects are removed from the equation.

Are you considering different ways that will allow you to avoid probate and the potential complications that may come with it? Take a look at our web page on trusts, linked here. You can also contact an experienced attorney to learn more about your options.



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