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Planning your estate for your unique assets

In a recent article about Florida timeshares and estate planning, we looked at one of the most commonly contentious assets in the probate courts. We believe that a practical and well-maintained estate plan has the power to turn these types of potential problems into assets that distribute seamlessly to your beneficiaries.

At the Law Offices of Frye & Vazquez, P.L., we know that there is no single solution that works for every family. Wills may work for some individuals, for example, but not in every case. Some operate small businesses. Others have interstate holdings.  Others have complex assets, such as artworks and heirlooms, that do not facilitate an even split between beneficiaries.

As part of our job of ensuring that our clients’ wishes are carried out to the greatest extent possible, we take a detailed inventory of each case. This careful study goes beyond the physical and financial holdings of the estate. It also includes the intentions of each individual. 

In short, we make a point of listening carefully to our clients and providing solutions that have the greatest potential to efficiently carry out their wishes.

We also often encourage our clients to start thinking about their estate early. It is never too early to start planning. Once the initial investigation and planning stages are complete, it is often relatively easy to maintain strategy through periodic reviews. 

You probably have some options that you never knew existed. Furhtermore, even if you have an estate plan established from several years ago, you may want to review it in light of recent changes in tax law. To find out more, please continue on to our main website.



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